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How we pair filler and neuromodulators: A word from our patients

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

The holidays are finally here, there's snow on the ground, everyones a little bit stressed, but the streets are starting to smell like savings and gingerbread. Last week we were pleased to announce our biggest deal of the year. We are offering 20 complimentary units of Xeomin when you book with us for filler this December. While neuromodulators and filler may seem like an overwhelming amount of product, our incredible doctors focus on natural results making sure you don't look crazy for your holiday celebrations. In this article we’re going to go over how you can combine both filler and neuromodulators to achieve beautiful, timeless, and natural results, as well as the inside scoop on what goes on during your appointment! Cosy up with a warm cup of hot chocolate for this one!

Doctor injecting lip filler into a woman's lip. Close up

The Power of Synergy: Understanding Filler and Xeomin

Filler and neuromodulators (Xeomin & Botox) are both used to fight signs of ageing. Although they work differently, they pair together flawlessly. Xeomin targets dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement; an example of this would be frown lines. It releases the fine lines by relaxing the targeted muscle responsible. Then it prevents the muscle from contracting and forming new wrinkles or worsening current ones. This is why Xeomin can be used as an active treatment but also a preventative treatment.

The purpose of filler is to treat volume loss, or sometimes deep lines such as prominent marionette lines, or loss of volume in the temples. Filler contains hyaluronic acid that retains and attracts moisture. This will then plump and fill areas with lost volume. Filler is often used as an active anti ageing treatment, or as an enhancing treatment.

Combining both filler and Xeomin gives you a comprehensive solution, addressing ageing caused by volume loss and muscle movement. By addressing both you can achieve a more balanced and natural look while simultaneously looking decades younger!

Our Most Common Treatments

Filler and neuromodulators are a common duo in our clinic. Many patients opt for both treatments to target areas of concern while keeping a natural look. The most common areas of concern are smile lines, frown lines, and crows feet which we treat with neuromodulators, and loss of volume in the lips, cheeks, and temples which we treat with filler. By only correcting one area of concern, you may risk looking unbalanced. On the contrary, if you overcorrect, it may look more unnatural. It's about finding your happy medium where you feel confident.

doctor injecting botox/filler into the forehead of a woman

The Consultation Process

Before injecting anything it's important to have a consultation, this can either be done as a separate appointment, or before your treatment. One of our doctors will work with you to understand your areas of concern and your goals moving forward. Every patient is different, and so are their treatments. There is no one size fits all when it comes to filler or neuromodulators. This is why we take the time to know you, but also your face!

Before and After: Visual Transformations


Woman Before dermal fillers and botox


Client Testimonials

Don't take it from us, take it from our lovely patients:

doctor injecting lip filler into a patients lip
“I had botox and filler done by Dr. Philp and Dr. McLean. They addressed my gummy smile and anti ageing concerns and treated me accordingly, I feel so confident whenever I leave their office”

“My lip filler was done really well at Yorkville Beauty md. They were very professional and nice. I really love the way they turned out”
“Dr. Philp recommended I try under eye filler for my eye bags. I've tried basically every product but she determined the discoloration was due to thin skin under my eyes. I've never looked more awake!”

Filler and Xeomin Combinations

Every client has unique facial anatomy. No one's face is quite like yours and we want to keep it that way. We value individual and unique beauty, and this reflects in our results. The cookie cutter “instagram face” is boring, and most of the time only looks good on camera. We approach each treatment with your own features and unique structure in mind to ensure you still look like you, just rejuvenated. Based on your facial anatomy we come up with a treatment plan to address your concerns. This may look like a treatment schedule to gradually introduce more filler, to keep your neuromodulators topped up, or even introducing you to products that are better suited for your skin concerns.

Hand holding Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar.

Maintaining Results: Aftercare and Follow-up

Aftercare ultimately depends on your treatment. We recommend using a post injection serum. Our personal recommendation and favourite is the alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar. This product assists your natural healing process after injections, it reduces swelling and downtime. AND promotes the production of elastin and collagen! It's important to keep your skin hydrated after any treatment (and just in general) so we recommend a good moisturiser and serum. The key to long lasting results is a good base, in other words a good skincare routine!

There is virtually no downtime with neuromodulators and filler, you may experience some inflammation but you can return to your regular schedule right after your treatment.

Our filler/neuromodulator combo might just be what's right for you this holiday season. Whether you're looking to target specific anti-aging concerns, getting a top up, or just looking to enhance, these treatments offer something for everyone. Give yourself a break from shopping, shovelling your driveway, stressing about who's hosting this year, and give yourself a treat(ment). You deserve it!


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